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Most beginner beekeepers quit after just 1-3 years!  I can help you beat the odds and have fun too.

The BEST place to spend money on beekeeping is in EDUCATION.  But most beekeeping schools copy what commercial profit driven beekeepers are doing - which is NOT what's good for the bees and certainly NOT natural.  This is NOT your average bee school!

So forget about expensive novelty hives, and all the fancy fluff they sell in bee catalogs.  I'll teach you a completely natural, sustainable and rewarding method of beekeeping that will bring you years of enjoyment.  

This is an investment that will have an instant return on your money. Some beekeeping workshops cost upwards of $450 not to mention travel and lodging expenses.  You can easily spend over $1000 just to attend.  For about the average cost of having a package of bees shipped to your door - I'll teach you how to get LOTS of  bees for free, plus you'll have access to free plans to build your own beehive that mimics an environment that bees live in nature.  

My multi part video series is part 1 of our 2 day beekeeping workshop held here on our natural honey bee farm in North Georgia.  It's a virtual classroom session that you can watch from the comfort of your own home at your own pace, plus it's yours to keep and unlike a typical weekend workshop you can watch as often as you want so that you really get all the details without needing to take tons of notes.

Watch the first part "An Introduction to Natural Beekeeping" absolutely FREE below, or click on the button and go directly to the entire online program.

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Your first class is FREE - just sit back and watch our free Introduction to Natural Beekeeping - click the video


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About your instructor Gene Rene'

I've done intensive beekeeping for over 12 years, raising nucs & queens, catching swarms, using several different hive styles and management systems. I've been a contributor to Mother Earth News, and have taught classes here on our homestead since 2013.  I've helped hundreds of beekeepers just like you get a good grasp of what natural beekeeping is all about through my step by step comprehensive learning program now available online.

My goal is to help YOU! the backyard beekeeper to succeed and have a ton of fun at the same time.  Everyone should "Enjoy Beekeeping!"

“This is the perfect online beekeeping course for anyone who wants to learn to do it naturally"

What you will learn in our Natural Beekeeping Online Workshop

After your FREE introductory course - you'll immediately begin learning the HUGE differences between the way bees live in the wild vs commercially managed bees and lay the right foundation in putting the needs of the bees in first place

Videos 1 & 2

Next you'll learn 2 of the 3 basic fundamentals or "pillars" of natural beekeeping so that you'll know how to move forward as a natural beekeeper.

Videos 3 & 4

Finally, you'll learn how to use the honey bees natural instinct to swarm to keep diseases away, and manage them in a way that nature designed.

Videos 5 & 6

Enjoy Beekeeping! - that's my mission

When you use sustainable beekeeping practices, you work in harmony with nature instead of against it, and you connect with the natural world in a way you never thought possible.

Still got questions?

Whether you are just starting as a new beekeeper or have some experience, but never applied natural methods before - you might have questions.  Our online course is designed to cover all the bases in an in-depth program that is easy to understand.

But we understand if you would like to reach out, please send us an email and visit our home base web page - for FREE plans and links to all of our FREE videos on our youtube channel Enjoy Beekeeping


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